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0021320AI War 2Gameplay IdeaJul 1, 2022 12:52 pm
ReporterChris_McElligottPark Assigned ToChris_McElligottPark  
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Product Version0.871 More Control, Part 1 
Summary0021320: New AI Ships: The Two Dragons
DescriptionThere would be two of these by default, but if people want to turn them off that is fine. They would both be somewhere in the middle-distance on the map, most likely.

These would be indestructible, like the four horsemen, and as long as they exist they have a counter on them that gets stronger and stronger over time. As the counter increases, it causes the waves against you to get progressively more deadly.

If you don't go out there and find these dragons and capture (and hold) the planets they are on, then eventually the waves will become so powerful that you'll lose simply by being overwhelmed.

This solves a couple of problems:

1. It adds some time pressure to the game, which a number of people have noted is lacking right now.

2. It makes it so that by the midgame the waves are actually becoming a real threat rather than being routine, which Draco18s was in particular pointing out is not the case right now.

3. It provides another thing that you can optionally go out and subdue by holding territory, which is again a thing that was lacking in this game.

4. It's optional (in general), but even if you're playing with it on it's still something that is "optional" in the sense that if you just want to focus on winning faster (and not faffing about on fast forward forever), then you can ignore capturing these.

While a dragon is subdued by you holding its planet, it won't count upwards at all and it also won't make waves stronger at all. So even just capturing one dragon's planet will make the waves vastly weaker compared to them both being active.
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