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0020723AI War 2[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaOct 31, 2018 8:23 pm
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Summary0020723: New Mode Idea and Old Thoughts from Fleet Command
DescriptionWhen playing Fleet Command, I really enjoyed all the minor factions that you could pick and choose from, as well as the Shadow Vessel and the small Nebula Factions you could help out. It got me thinking, what if I could combine all of them?

I had the idea for a 'Hero Mode' of sorts, with the 'Hero' in this case being the Shadow Vessel, and it would be the only vessel you controlled (with massive stat boosts to compensate, you'll be taking on the AI in large scale wars in this).

You would be allied to a Global NPC faction composed of the 4 primary races, given the name of "Combined Galactic Resistance", with the human home command upgraded into a massive fortress that can withstand massive AI attack, but can still be killed.
The home system is also the only one to feature all 4 races having forts there (and the Humans only use Mercenary units, which in this mode would be much more powerful and have Starships as well), other systems would always have a human command station, with occasional Neinzul/Zenith/Spire forts there as well to produce ships. Each of the 3 alien races will always have defences composed of Human Turrets, and at least 1 of their Modular Fortresses to protect them.

The Neinzul would function similarly to the "Roaming Enclaves" faction, with a central "Sanctuary" building to spawn those Enclaves, and other 'Hatchery' buildings to spawn the 'Younglings' that are mature enough to not self-attrition.

The Zenith would build their bases around the Dyson Spheres, the Spheres themselves building Gatlings as normal, with Zenith 'shipyards' to build the fleet ships you would usually find in the 'Zenith Reserves'.

The Spire would use their Cities from the 'Fallen Spire' storyline, in conjunction with smaller 'civilian' shipyards to produce the 'Spirecraft' that you usually produce through asteroids.

Obviously, those things can't exactly happen here, since those full races have not been released yet, so I had to adapt my idea. The 'Human Remnant' faction will be controlled by NPCs and will try to take over worlds and expand their territory (as a normal player would do), while the players control Arks of their choice to help the remnant attack and defend.

The player Arks could still be upgraded, as the Human Remnant's gathered science would also fill the players' science reserve as well. Arks revert to disabled states on 'death' but don't revert to Neutral, allowing either Remnant Engineers/Command Stations or the Orchid Ark to repair them and re-enable them.

I have a feeling that this may not be a popular idea, but oh well, i hope at least some people like it, even if the Devs decide it shouldn't be in the game or something.
Till next time guys.
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