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Summary0018920: Why are your games so ugly?
DescriptionI really don't mean to be rude, but guys, seriously... My favorite reviewers (mainly Extra Credits) rave on about the amazing gameplay and complexity of your games. This is great, and for that reason, I own your entire backlog. I then booted up Tidalis expecting I'd be able to look past the incredibly dated looking graphics, and I just couldn't.

I'm sorry, and I it frustrates me too because I'm sure under that eye sore of a UI lies a great game. Sadly, all your stuff looks so crude and uninspired. I think the funniest thing about it that you have a really amazing artist. The cover art, the soundtracks, the concept art, the menu backdrops, all of that, is great. I really enjoy it, but some reason, the games look so damn poor.

It's like you guy dumped all your efforts into everything BUT the aesthetic appeal of your games. Is this to secure that market niche? Is it a profitable corner of the market to rule? Do you feel your games are ugly? Not bad, by any means, but just ugly?

Hell, even this forum. It's bare bones, hard to navigate, looks from the 90s, but I'm sure is really functional for you guys. Is function over form a motto for your company?
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Nov 28, 2016 4:21 am

reporter   ~0045727

1) Aesthetics are subjective, I certainly wouldn't call the games "ugly". Sure, Arcen games don't look like AAA games, and, yes, some of the older titles are kind of an eye-sore if you're used to comparing them to the standard out there on Steam. However, when you consider that they use only their own in-house developed sprites and they don't save money by doing everything in pixel graphics, they start to look better.

As a further upshot, though I've never stopped in an Arcen game to admire the view (as first happened to me with KOTOR II in 2007), the graphics do a very good job of conveying what's going on while also getting out of the way and allowing me to thoroughly enjoy the gameplay.

2) This isn't really a forum, the Arcen games forum is here: This is a bug/issue tracker, and as a developer (web, not games), I feel qualified to tell you that this is a damn fine bug/issue tracker. The UI is barebones, but I see that as a plus in this case. I've used a lot of issue trackers that have too many UI "features" and make it almost impossible to actually navigate or document issues.

Dominus Arbitrationis

Dec 20, 2016 5:51 pm

administrator   ~0045733

I'm very sorry to hear that you don't like the artwork in the games. As sherpajack said, however, aesthetics are subjective, and thus what looks good to one doesn't look good to another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

That being said, for the site appearance, that is something that we can work on. If you tell me what you think needs to be changed and updated, then I can look into the feasibility of doing that.

This part of the site (Mantis) is actually our bug tracker, which is specifically designed for function over style. Hence the lack of a background and overall very grey color scheme. Adding things to this just make it harder for us to parse the feedback people give, which is not what we want.

For the rest of the site, we do want to have a good looking site that is also functional. As such, if anyone has any ideas on what would improve the site, please don't hesitate to email/PM/tell me on Discord/the forums/any other means of communication.

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