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0017444AI WarGraphical BugFeb 28, 2016 11:41 pm
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Summary0017444: Galaxy display in Alternate View drifts over time
DescriptionThe positions of all the systems in "My Layout" keeps shifting toward the upper left over time; some of them are now starting to move out of the map viewport.

It's not any particular star that's shifting; it's the whole thing. Early on in the game, I dragged them all into an easy-to-read layout that was roughly centered in the window. Over the course of the game, the whole thing has been slowly drifting toward the upper left, such that it's no longer close to centered.

Maybe something to do with Nomad Planets? I've only got one, though, which shouldn't (one would think) cause the others to move.
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Feb 28, 2016 11:41 pm

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It's not Nomads. I've never played with Nomads and this happens to me persistently. I believe the action of saving the game is corrupting the coordinates. I tested this by taking a screenshot of the custom map layout, pasting it into Paintbrush, saving, loading the game, pasting a new screenshot into a new instance of Paint, and rapidly swapping between the two Paint instances. There are obvious shifts in the two versions.

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