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0016412AI WarSuggestion - Balance TweaksMay 14, 2015 6:45 pm
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Product Version8.021 
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Summary0016412: Reduce Alarm Post AIP on death
DescriptionCurrently, they cost 5 AIP. For 5 AIP, what can I get?

1/4 of a planet.
1 warp gate.
30,000 metal from 5 distribution nodes.
5 total mark from Zenith reserves.

For 5 AIP, I get a 50% chance not triggering the alarm.
I feel for such price, I must have at least 100% chance to not trigger the alarm.

The other way around Alarms would be to live with them and trigger them each time required. To avoid 5 AIP it would be fine, if for 5 paid AIP the alarm would never trigger.
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Radiant Phoenix

May 14, 2015 6:45 pm

reporter   ~0040833

I did wind up blowing up an Alarm Post once.

It was behind my choke and I got sick of tanking bits of the exo-waves on my homeworld.

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