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0015855The Last Federation[All Projects] SuggestionSep 30, 2014 11:30 am
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Summary0015855: Combat: Suggestions for improving Hydral Tech missions
DescriptionTaken from the forums:,16391.0.html

- Boring
- Trivialized by auto-resolve

1. Mission Availability
Did you ever consider to make it so that the tech can only be obtained at the reported planet?
Could lead to some interesting trade-off if having to make the client race like you enough to let you go searching etc. ...

The current approach seems less interesting to me than it could be.

2. Auto-Resolve Issues
I think you are right here. What is more, these missions currently can be utterly trivialized by always being auto-resolvable in 3 days of game time (or some other ridiculously low value - there is no way I can finish the mission in a better time than the one I get with auto resolve which is kinda beside the point...).

3. General Mission Flow
How about making it so that the various golems can only be stunned and/or "misled" for one or two turns so that the player has to set them up somehow in away that allows him to dock with the Hydral lab? To me these missions mainly are so boring because the approach to tackle them is always the same. Kill all enemies, dock the lab, rinse, repeat - not much tension involved here.

I am definitely with you that these missions should pose a highlight especially due to the high reward involved - currently they are more or less the opposite :-\...
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Sep 26, 2014 3:59 am

reporter   ~0039342

I personally would just have the auto-resolve not work for these, though I dunno if that's a workable option since some players dont want to do combat at all. Though, in all honesty the whole auto-resolve mechanic could use looking at. When messing with it a bit.... yeah, there's no risk to doing it.

At the very least I can make the enemies in this mission type alot more interesting to actually fight. Aint happening just yet though, that'll be later. Burlust are first, since their warlord fights are REALLY dull.... particularly when they have 6000000+ shields...

These at least dont take as long. But yeah, SOMETHING about the mission structure needs to change at least a bit. It's too much the same as other docking missions. And the enemies encountered definitely need a change. The not just the golems, but those missile things; missiles just arent much of a threat from a stationary enemy, particularly when they're all clustered up like that.

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