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0015634AI War 1 / ClassicSuggestion - Interface Ideas - Resource Management and ConstructionAug 9, 2014 4:12 pm
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Summary0015634: structure (e.g. turret) templates
DescriptionOne of the most tedious things in my games is securing a system after I've captured it. I have a standard layout (or two) of turrets and mines that I place around every hostile wormhole, but it takes several minutes and about a hundred clicks /per wormhole/. In single player games I pause while doing this, but in multiplayer nobody likes that. Sometimes I get lazy because I don't want to do all that clicking, or get rushed because I can't click fast enough or pause in multiplayer, so I may leave wormholes poorly defended.

I suggest the following feature: If you have a group of units selected, you can press a key to save them as a template. For generality, it would include all units that can be directly constructed, not only "buildings". Then, you could place a template using the context menu, after which a ghost of the template will be shown centered around the cursor (like when placing mines in line mode) and confirmed with a single click. It would be best if it allowed you to name the template, but acceptable to just have a fixed set of template slots. The templates would persist between campaigns.

Bonus: While the ghost is shown, you can drag to change its rotation or click to place it. This would help if you had a standard set of mines and turrets that you place between a wormhole and the command center. Since the angle between them may change, it would help to be able to rotate a template to match the path of the enemy. But I'd be happy with the basic templates.

Now that many turrets have per-planet caps, this is even more useful since you can have the same basic turrets on every exposed planet.

I've read that this feature used to be in the game but didn't get ported to the Unity version. Please bring it back.
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Aug 9, 2014 4:12 pm

reporter   ~0038931

I've implemented an experimental version of this in a mod:,16085.0.html

Hopefully the devs will eventually include it in the base game.

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