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Summary0015004: Acutians and planetcracking. And "Its only way to be sure"
DescriptionI don't know exact requirements for acutian to launch planetcracker without you ordering them to, but I'd assume it would happen if they are losing badly or hate other races too much. But it seems to be really rare event...

I have seen the pop up message(kinda like evucs igniting gas giant message) with ominous music only once, but acutians were losing badly in that game and lost soon afterwards so I didn't even get to see it. After that, I've never seen the pop up appearing again... I'd figure out that they would probably consider it if they hate other races a lot, but during games where they have gotten wiped out they have never tried it... But I guess if acutians were more eager to use planetcrackers, game would get really nasty, so it would be bad idea to make them do it more often...

So I'm suggesting a special scenario: They are more likely to use planetcracker if they are being attacked by thoraxians. Because I want to make "Nuke them from orbit" joke. And because seriously, planetcracking is horribly unethical warcrime that everyone hates, but thoraxians can't apparently be taken as prisoners or be civilians in non thoraxian planets so they die off anyway and if they conquer a planet they kill all civilians. While same happens with burlats, story wise burlats aren't AS bad and "alien", so obviously everyone would still mind planetcracking burlats. And if thoraxian fear empire is threatening everyone, I'd assume that other races wouldn't hate acutians and hydral for launching planetcracker at them as much. I mean, obviously they would still mind since it is horrible practice, but the effect could be lessened because everyone is afraid of thoraxians who are about to kill everyone.

Of course, I don't think acutians should attempt planetcracking them each time they are defending against thoraxians, but if thoraxians are fear empire or have already genocided few other species(I'm pretty sure that if acutians are fourth planet they attack, they know what is going to happen to them), I think they'd be ready to jump the gun when thoraxians declare a war. Also, if they haven't YET attacked, I think acutians would like it if you would pre-emptively tell them to planetcrack thoraxians.

On race reaction... Well, I guess if thoraxians aren't fear empire yet and race liked them, they will have same reaction as they would have to acutians planetcracking any other species. But if they dislike thoraxians... Well, skylaxians and androns would probably feel conflicted about it, but grudgingly accept that it was understandable choice so they would still dislike you but not as much, peltians would probably like you or acutians better because they fear thoraxians more, burlust would either enjoy the fireworks or think you or acutians as a coward for not fighting them directly, evucs would probably like you/acutians unless they feel paranoid and acutians would also like you if you are the one who told them to planetcrack them in that scenario instead of them doing it on their own.
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May 7, 2014 4:13 pm

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I feel actually little bad about this suggestion, thoraxians are surprisingly friendly in most of my games for supposedly evil race... I really like them, but I figured out that if acutians would have to choose which race to planetcrack after hydrals, storywise it'd had to be thoraxians. Plus I think it'd show how much other races fear thoraxians.

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