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0014699The Last Federation[All Projects] SuggestionApr 27, 2014 5:39 pm
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Summary0014699: Solar Map: Provide a direct means to address negative events happening to planets?
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Hi all.

I got a question regarding the various negative events that may hit a planet (like stock market crash etc.).
Is there any way to "fix" these before they "time out" on their own?

The player in me tends to see these events as objectives to be accomplished/fixed, especially if they happen to a race I am inclined to pamper at the moment.

I tried to fix their effects (like negative trends on some RCI values etc.) by doing dispatches to increase the respective RCI values, telling them to focus on improving the respective value and even making them build buildings that could help to remedy the situation, but this
a) apparently never was enough to compensate for the downward spiral/trend induced by the event
b) would not cause the respective "icon" on the solar map disappear (disrupting my objective accomplished logic ;))

Is this intended?
Is there some way that I am missing?
Does somebody feel the same?

If so, providing dedicated dispatches to remedy these events might be a good way to address this.

Alternatively (and where appropriate) events could be made to end once an improvement of X has been accomplished for the relevant RCI value(s).
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Apr 27, 2014 4:08 am

reporter   ~0036872

i always felt like these were waiting for the devs to have time to design and implement new quests for helping with these events, rather than just dispatches, and would really prefer to see that to add more variety to the gameplay. However, i guess some of the events would better suit a new dispatch rather than combat mission/quest.


Apr 27, 2014 4:22 am

reporter   ~0036874

Quests are fine as well! I was just after the "some direct means to complete the objective" here ;)...

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