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0011815AI War 1 / ClassicSuggestionJun 12, 2013 5:32 pm
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Product Version6.046 
Summary0011815: Turret caps rework
Description1. All turrets get per planet cap of around 1/4th (to be balanced) of what they have now.
2. Player gets ability to build turret controllers that allow more turrets of given type to be built on their planet. They would need to be turret specific (per each turret type) and maybe mark specific (thats not needed I think).
3. Each turret controller would have a global cap of 3 and would add additional 1/4th of turret cap on planet it's built.
4. Capturable turret controllers would give you 1/4th of core turret cap per planet. Player turret controllers would interfere with them and would cancel their added cap on planets they are built. This effect could also work per turret type or globally (any controller cancels core ones or only their type of controller).

This solution should have no impact on choke point strength compared to now (you build all turret controllers on choke point and you have full caps of everything).
It also balances capturable turret controllers - they would buff planets on which you don't use your own turret controllers. So they will help with distributed defense but won't allow you to significantly buff choke point due to interference.
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Jun 12, 2013 4:14 pm

reporter   ~0032869

I think you only need a single buildable to up the cap, as one for each type could get annoying to build them all.

Keith's idea was this, just to get it in here: "1/4 turret caps, per-planet turret caps, low-cap buildable structure to give normal caps on that planet, but interferes with core turrets) "


Jun 12, 2013 5:32 pm

reporter   ~0032871

I think that few more clicks for buildables are not bad.
And a bit more control allows you to have 1-3 reinforced choke points.
It's a compromise :)

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