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0011811AI War 1 / Classic[All Projects] GUIAug 20, 2014 6:32 pm
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Product Version6.045 
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Summary0011811: Menu clicking trouble
DescriptionI'm having a lot of trouble clicking on the menus if there's another button below it. The easiest example I have is when you ctrl-U on a transport to only unload a certain unit. If that unit's name is on top of the MAP, STATS OR CTRLS button then you're unable to click the name. It registers the button underneath instead of letting you unload that unit. Mainly a small issue.

The other menu I have trouble with is the narrow or broad filter in galaxy view. If I use my mouse wheel to scroll through the list then when I go to click something it will click the wrong item. Usually 2 above or below depending on if I was scrolling up or down. Then I can click the item list a 2nd time and as long as I don't use the mouse wheel I can click whichever I wanted without any issue. (Black Hole Machine is also listed twice in the Narrow search and only one of those actually bring anything up. It also doesn't show up on the map in the Broad search but I can put in a 2nd mantis for those things if you want.)

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related to 0015637 new clicking an enemy or ally in the planet overview/summary deselects your ships 
related to 0015690 new Bottom-aligned context menus overlap the global unit selection buttons 



Aug 20, 2014 6:32 pm

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This bug is about the game's failure to consider Z-order when processing button clicks (and maybe scrolling problems). I've opened a separate bug report (0015690) about the game misplacing the menu so it overlaps the buttons in the first place.

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