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0007068AVWWSuggestion - UI IdeasApr 16, 2012 10:03 am
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Summary0007068: Change 'Pause' to 'Freeze Time' Gaurdian power
Descriptioni like the change of the pause description guys, should help people realise the importance of this feature. just one quick thought from my perspective...

In AI war it felt completely natural - pausing an RTS style game is something normal and hover over items for tool tips while paused is completely natural and intuitive in this type of game.

On the other hand, never have i played a side scroller where such a system is used... I like it and think its essential in AVWW but it just feels like it needs to be empahasised a little bit more and integrated into the lore of the game....

... what about renaming "pause" as "Freeze Time" and describing it as a special power of the glyph bearer given by the illari which enables the glyph bearer to divine more information on the surroundings and enemies encountered - information provided by the illari while time is frozen and a communication link to them is established??

for sure you could write something good to explain much better than me.... but i hope you get the idea, for me it would feel like the information has a plausible ingame source and it would surely stress the usefulness of this mechanic to new players.

(oh and in relation to this i map the 'pause' function to TAB, just because it's so useful - all the way over at 'p' seems a bit counter intuitive for something so important and regularly used?!)
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