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0006209AVWW[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaFeb 28, 2012 8:32 am
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Summary0006209: Enchants - implement player options
DescriptionThe following strikes me as non-trivial to get polished and working right so it may be a post-v1.0 feature. Or, if there's enough interest, maybe not. Here we go!

Presently whenever you pick up an enchant container (of a certain sort) you get points towards an enchant. Once a certain set of rules are met, you are given something shiny to equip somewhere on your character.

This idea is that once a (probably slightly modified) set of rules are met, the game pops up a window and present you with two (maybe more?) enchants, of which you may choose one.

The main guts of the suggestion, however, is the way enchants are generated and suggested to the player. The idea would be that any time the player is offered a choice between enchants, each of the suggestions is varied from and weighted against the other(s) - presenting the player with a very real choice every time.
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