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0028839Heart Of The MachineSuggestionJun 18, 2024 11:59 pm
ReporterTriangularBlasphemy Assigned ToChris_McElligottPark  
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Product Version0.547 Energize 
Summary0028839: Project Concept: Overwhelming a target through expenditure of non-critical resources
DescriptionBuilding on "using infinite patience to wait five hours and make a negotiation target cede their advantage," a future project could be solved through using waves of bulk androids to exhaust or distract a target facility. Waves of expendable units (such as nicklebots) could swarm a location, wasting resources, analyzing human behavioral reactions to combat fatigue, and pulling PMC attention.

As a project, this would involve assembling a large force of bulk androids and transporting them to target, or possibly some sort of temporary logistics line.
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