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0002112AI War 1 / ClassicGameplay IdeaAug 5, 2012 6:21 pm
ReporterChris_McElligottPark Assigned ToChris_McElligottPark  
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Summary0002112: Repurpose Hunter/Killers.
DescriptionNo time for this at the moment, but for sometime in the coming months:

"In terms of H/Ks, don't worry that those will be removed from the game. They'll just be... repurposed. I'd originally wanted to do something with the AI eyes being mobile and roaming and near-invincible, but couldn't get the logic right and they slid sideways (into a better role, in the end). But tonight I had a new brainwave along those original lines, and now it makes more sense to have the H/Ks fill that role. It's basically sort of like a devourer golem, except that it only attacks player ships, and there are multiple of them, and they only hang out in deep AI territory. And they aren't truly invincible, they can't be repaired, and you can wear them down over time if you want to.

Again, playing up the sense of being an insurgent with that."

Or, to quote MaxAstro as well:

"The name "Hunter/Killer" for me has always screamed something more along those lines, anyway. Something called a Hunter/Killer is not a thing that throws itself against your toughest bottlenecks and beats you with sheer force. To really deserve a name like that it should be something that lurks in deep AI territory, patrolling from planet to planet looking for fleets to wipe out. It should be the kind of thing that triggers a "H/K showed up, get the fleet out of here!" kind of response in the middle of a deep raid. :)"
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