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0018943Starward Rogue[All Projects] Bug - OtherJan 27, 2017 8:11 pm
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Product Version1.700 (Beta) 
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Summary0018943: Minor Amusing GUI Glitch (steam user)
DescriptionFrom Steam user lmas.

"I encountered a kind of funny GUI glitch... it's really nothing special, but maybe someone wants to know:

I quit back to main menu the moment I failed a condemned boss room (while trying for the untouchable achievement on the first floor) and started a new run, and the "you failed the challenge" text kept appearing and disappearing for over a minute over and over... until finally it displayed the "you reached level 2" text and went back to normal.

Sorry, I'm really not 100% sure how I caused it, but as I said, I quit and started a new run pretty much the moment I failed the condemned room. I played the character who stops time while not moving if that has any to do with it..."
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Jan 27, 2017 8:11 pm Pepisolo New Issue