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0017780AI WarSuggestion - Campaign Management And Setup - Map Styles And GenerationNov 7, 2015 5:25 am
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Summary0017780: RimWorld
DescriptionThe map is a ring where each planet is connected to the X next planets, where X is randomly picked between 1 and a branching factor. Each vertex may have a probability to not appear (but the vertex toward the immediately following planet is always created to avoid disconnected graph). It looks like a chaotic version of my pearl necklace mapstyle.

The file attached "rimworld" is a 80-planets map with a branching factor of 3 and a probability of 100%.
The file attached "rimworld_complex" is a 80 planets map with a branching factor of 6 and a probability of 50%. This one shows that vertex density may vary a lot (compare top-left and bottom right).

Here is the perl code producing the .dot file. I used the program "fdp" (from the linux's Graphviz suite) to display it.

my $size = 80;
my $branching = 6;
my $proba = 0.5;
print "graph {\n";
for(my $i=1; $i <= $size; $i++) {
    for(my $n = int(rand($branching))+1; $n > 0; $n--) {
        if ($n == 1 or $proba > rand()) {
            print "\t$i -- ", ($i+$n)%($size+1), ";\n";
print "}";
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