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0015003The Last FederationSuggestionMay 7, 2014 4:04 pm
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Product Version1.016 (Finish Him!) 
Summary0015003: Evucs could ignite the gas giant if they have planets outside explosions' range
DescriptionThis is just something I've been thinking about, since evucs won't blow up their gas giant now even if they are losing the war if they don't have only one planet left, they do it really really rarely. To the point that where it was previously rather common, I haven't ever seen it again. Especially since there is no guarantee that their final planet is even a gas giant.

So I figured out that evucs could decide to blow up the gas giant also if they have other planets outside explosion range. That way they would have slightly more opportunities to blow it up, but not too many opportunities. After all, the explosion range is huge and there is no guarantee that they conquer faraway planet. And besides, other races would probably really hate them after that.

In that scenario, they would probably try to evacuate their civilians to their remaining planet outside the range if possible
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