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0014104The Last FederationGameplay IdeaJan 26, 2015 9:33 am
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Product Version0.901 (Balance And Bugs) 
Summary0014104: Implement race and player "score" and graphs!
DescriptionCome up with some semi-arbitrary way to score the races, something like

A*fleet_strength + B*population + C*tech_level + D*outposts + E*etc..

Where A,B,C, might be different for different races since some favor more population, etc.

Player score could then be something like:
(sum of existing federation race's scores)*(number of federation races)/time_elapsed

This would be a nice way to wrap up the game stats and show the rise and fall of each race as well as the rise of the federation. Dividing by time elapsed keeps people from grinding at the end before winning the game.

I don't know, just the beginning of an idea to make it even more interesting :-)
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