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0010649Valley 2Suggestion - Balancing IssuesFeb 9, 2013 4:43 pm
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Summary0010649: Tier 4 Spell Balance Report part 1
DescriptionTrying to keep these concise.

(Thorn)cerer, (Hail)binder,(Vita)cler, (Feral)ist, (Obliv)icist


Thorn primary is a rebound shot. Good.
Hail primary is identical to the thorn rebound shot.
Vita is a typical rapid fire shot. More range makes it competitive with the Thorn and Hail primaries despite lack of rebound.
Feralist primary is a triple shot. Lower DPS than the other primaries, although tactically very handy. Madcow expressed concern about these types of shot
might become overpowered when concentration is up, though.
Obli primary is a typical illumination shot -- again minus the illumination.

Usability scores

Thorn: B
Hail : B
Vita : B
Feral: B
Obli : C (B when illumination fixed)

Nothing much needs fixing here apart from the illumination. There is a debate as to whether to triple shots could be overpowered in certain situations,


Thorn secondary is a punch shot. With new melee enemies and decent caliber, should prove useful.
Hail secondary is one of those arcing wall attacks. Does the job of a punch attack due to decent caliber (near that of a punch), but can't be used against melee monsters, so not completely overpowered.
Vita secondary is a powerful mass attack. Slow projectile speed and decreased range prevent this from completely dominating most primaries.
Feral secondary is a twin shot that deals a lot of DPS. Higher DPS than all primaries. Slightly overpowered.
Obli secondary is an AOE shot. Slightly overpowered this dealing similar DPS as most primaries. Usually AOE attacks have lower DPS.

Usability Scores

Thorn: B (due to usability against melee monsters)
Hail : B
Vita : B (close to an A)
Feral: A
Obli : A

Feral secondary does far too much DPS for a shot that fires two ways. Needs nerfing. Obli AOE should not be able to do better DPS than a primary. Also needs nerfing.


Thorn special is a rocket attack identical to the Obli secondary. Still a little overpowered.
Hail special is a trajectory attack. Good.
Vita special is a cool new attack that comes back to you. On the face of it in terms of raw DPS seems underpowered for the Tier, but the boomerang and
piercing effect prove enough to just balance this out.
Feral special is a feather mine attack. More versatile than standard mines.
Obli special is standard mine attack.

Usability scores

Thorn: A
Hail : B
Vita : B
Feral: A (better than standard mines)
Obli : B

The Thorn AOE attack much like the Obli secondary shouldn't do as much DPS as a primary. Needs a nerf.

Had to give Feral special an A for the tactical usefulness. Maybe it shouldn't have the same power as a typical mine attack.

Ammo attacks

Thorn ammo attack is a cross attack with a low cost of 3.
Hail ammo attack is one of those multi-projectile ones. Cost of 7.
Vita ammo attack is a wrecking ball one with high cost of 18.
Feral ammo attack is a multi homing shot. Lowish cost of 6.
Obli ammo attack is similar to the Lumber one -- albeit the polar opposite in terms of usefulness. The Lumb one is OP, this one is practically broken. Does
less raw damage than the Tier 1 equivalent. Costs 14 rather than 2 ammo. Costs 1 life opposed to .3. Practically unusable as far as I can see.

Usability Scores

Thorn: B
Hail : C
Vita : C (very high ammo cost drag this down a bit)
Feral: B (lowish ammo cost keep this decent)
Obli : E (horribly underpowered)

Vita ammo cost could be reduced a little I think. At least to 15 so you can get two uses out of it for 30 ammo.

Obli ammo attack is terrible! It's the anti-Lumb ammo attack. The power is actually less than the Tier 1 equivalent! This needs a major buff. Power needs
tripling I think, at least. Ammo cost should be more like 5. Life cost maybe .5 to .7. Needs a lot of work.

Overall Class Scores

Thorn: 17 A
Hail : 15 B
Vita : 15 B
Feral: 18 A
Obli : 13 B (amazingly still scrapes a B despite ammo attack)

As you can see the biggest problem is the Obli ammo attack which is pretty terrible. Needs a lot of work.

Those AEO shot attacks need a slight nerf. They shouldn't be similar DPS to a primary, the AEO effect is a big boost so the power too isn't needed.

The Feral twin shot deals too much DPS too.

Vita ammo cost is a bit high I think.

I'll try and do a few part 2's next, now that those cheats to unlock the classes are going to be in the next version.

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