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Summary0009936: Plague Infection Campaign Type
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Think of this plague as basically another campaign type. It would be a bigger deal than Fallen Spire. A big enough deal that it can't be done in Minor Faction form.

Basic Idea

The plague has a "home planet" that has infected the second AI type and has expanded its frontlines quickly to encompass about a third of the galaxy. The plague and the remaining AI are fighting one another, and the AI is holding the line with powerful weaponry. Where are you in all of this? Of course, you are a petty human home planet in a backwater corner of the galaxy, and the AI couldn't care less about you. Now, the plague of sorts only infects AI as strongly networked as the AI that you fight against. It can't touch human ships or planets. As a result, the AI actually has a very hard time holding it back. The plague will gradually steal away AI planets, and if left unkept, can take control of the entire galaxy by, say, the 15 hour mark. This is bad for you, as it is more or less a constant Auto-progress that will expand to surround and destroy you. What's worse, the AI still intends to wipe you off the map if you get too frisky.

What to do?

Well, I figure that the plague's got its own plague centers. These sort of nerve centers can be busted up to free up the AI and yourself to push forward. Meaning, planets get un-infected, and you buy some time. The more the plague grows, the more plague centers crop up throughout the map. Keep constant scout coverage. There are also things much like hybrids, that plot specifically to infect only AI planets. Take down those and their spawners to weaken the spread of the infection. Ultimately, you want to bust through the chaotic front lines and take down the plague mother at the 'home planet'. From this point, any available plague centers and spawners will go into overdrive. The front lines are battered and broken, but the galaxy can still be consumed, so you need to actually wipe it off of the map once and for all. The AI will join in this endeavor... so long as you, again, don't get in the way.

Where did this come from?

My mind at 2 AM. I've got Space Pirates and Zombies on the brain (ironically). I figure it'd be interesting to have that contrast of one opponent that grows and evolves and gets stronger constantly, whether you do or not. As the AI fights it, it's basically got its own hidden AI Progress for the plague as well. It starts off very high (like 300 maybe?) and climbs the further the plague advances. But, of course, the AI would inevitably fail if you didn't gather your strength and sneak in to wipe out the heart of it all.

Addendums made during conversation: The plague AI here would be given zombie ships, and some exclusive ships all of its own. This should be able to work with any minor faction, given how they usually end up affecting the game. There could be a possible alternate victory condition where humans make friends with the AI and push together against the plagued AI as well. The heart of the idea should remain the same:
Destroy the plague before it naturally spreads, strengthens, and wipes the humans and AI off the map... then clean the remains up.
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Nov 22, 2012 4:51 pm

reporter   ~0029040

*Throws money at screen*

Why isn't anything happening?


Nov 22, 2012 5:25 pm

reporter   ~0029041

If enough money gets to the right place, and that could possibly make this exist, then I would be very pleased indeed, much like you.


Jun 20, 2014 6:34 pm

reporter   ~0038552

Couldn't we let the plague kill the ai and then kill the plague in that order? :D


Jan 2, 2015 2:24 pm

reporter   ~0039809

I agree with this but with revision for a few different game modes, to add variety.

Passive Plague - Random chance of plague appearing and spreading, pick any conditions for this you like, but it's more a background threat and not overly aggressive.

Aggressive Plague - Plague aggressively spreading from it's center point, much like you describe.

Countdown - Plague aggressively spreading via conquest but if an AI falls to the plague, things get much, much worse. You get an AI enhanced intelligent version of the plague. Plague targets AI as a preference because it knows this.

Further Options:

Plague revival. Yes/No - Even when you think it's gone, there is a small chance for a ship to appear and try to infect a world again.

Plague Effects X Minor Race, does the plague interact (badly) with certain minor factions, giving you nasty hybrids.

Evolution, Off, Slow, Normal, Fast. - You have X amount of time to defeat the plague, otherwise it evolves on it's own through tiers into something truly devastating. Much like how the AI wakes up to the player :), only you can't avoid this, and waiting too long so not to bother the AI, the plague doesn't care :)

Plague Virulence - If you wanted to set how often the plague tried to spread here. None/Low/Normal/High/Armageddon


Jan 22, 2018 9:51 am

reporter   ~0046701

The Nanocaust in AIW2 will provide a somewhat similar gameplay to this idea.

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