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0027246AI War 2Bug - GameplayMay 15, 2022 10:35 am
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Product Version5.006 End To Spontaneous Combustion 
Summary0027246: on-ship tooltip and on-fleet tooltip show different hull values
DescriptionThe hull value as shown on a ship floating in space, ie. presumably its real hull value, appears to always for all ships be half of the hull value reported when looking at the ship from its fleet-line tooltip or the encyclopedia entry. Interestingly, its shields match.

In other words, every ship in the game could have half the hull its suppose to (or the tooltip is wrong).

Secondly, the fleet bonus when active (not shown in screenshot) shows as applied in both the fleet line tooltip and on ship tooltip, but only the on-ship tooltip actually has the hull value increased.
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May 2, 2022 1:53 pm


in_encyclopedia.png (3,256,443 bytes)
on_ship.png (4,718,187 bytes)
in_ship_line.png (4,294,688 bytes)


May 9, 2022 8:01 pm

developer   ~0066682

So, I've decided how to handle this:

Right now the first priority is getting rid of some cobwebs in the tooltip code, where there's double and triple variables which confuses everything.
After that all the methods that focus on getting the hull, shield, damage or anything else need to have overriding mark levels and fleet memberships. In return the fake entities won't have fleet memberships on them any more.
Once that is done all data displayed should be correct, with the added effect of reducing savegame and network traffic size a tiny bit too because all the useless fleet memberships caused by the fake entities won't be there any more.


May 15, 2022 10:35 am

developer   ~0066787

Accidentally put the wrong issue in feedback status, sorry.

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