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0025533AI War 2Gameplay IdeaAug 30, 2021 10:04 am
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Product VersionBeta 3.605 Code Will Change 
Summary0025533: Reserves tip
DescriptionThere's no tip about AI reserves, thought i'd write one up.


The AI does NOT like it when you attack worlds more than (generally) 4 hops away from one of your own planets! Staying here or proceeding deeper into AI territory will summon the exogalactic AI Reserves. AI Reserves spawn from special wormholes and contain some particularly nasty ships. Additionally, there is NO limit to how many will spawn, and the amount spawned will only increase with time. Fighting the AI Reserves head on is almost always a pointless and wasteful endeavor.

When you retreat or lose all your forces, the AI Reserves will eventually despawn over time, and the wormholes will close. You can check to see if you will trigger AI Deepstrike Response by checking the Deepstrike Danger map mode at the bottom of the galaxy map. Spies will NOT trigger Deepstrike Response, so feel free to use them to gain vision of planets far away from your own.
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