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0025397AI War 2GUIAug 17, 2021 12:55 am
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Fixed in VersionBeta 3.510 Threads And Science 
Summary0025397: Make it clear which hacks instantly spend your HaP, and which ones open a window first.
DescriptionThis is definitely a good idea. Possibly having a confirmation box before spending (that can be turned off for players who find it annoying) might also be a good idea. This is the same sort of thing as the tech menu, after all.

Credit to UncleYar:
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Aug 17, 2021 12:55 am

administrator   ~0062728


* The "Are you sure?" function from the tech tab now also applies on the hacking tab.
** This includes the ability to disable it via the same option in the settings, and also the ability to hold the same hotkey (by default X) to bypass the prompt.
** For those hacks that actually open up a sub-window first, their tooltip now instead says "This hack will open a sub-window with more options before doing anything."
** This should help folks no longer feel anxious about clicking buttons in the hacking interface.
** Sub-windows of hacks all need to have this individually applied to them, as well.
*** Hacking for more ships or turrets now supports this.
*** Hacking for outguard supports it now.
*** Hacking for ship upgrades.
*** Ships hacking themselves.
*** Hacking enemy targets at a planet.
*** Champion hacks (probably needs tweaks).
*** Nomad planet crash hacks.
*** Choosing a specific planet for some other reason.

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