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0025205AI War 2SuggestionJun 8, 2021 11:53 pm
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Product Version3.102 The Start Of Multiple Campaign Types 
Summary0025205: Adjust FRS buff conditions
DescriptionThe visibility for whether an FRS buff is on or off for a fleet is good, but it can be annoying to have to limit your fleet to no more than the given FRS condition. This is necessary for balance, but there is a way to provide that balance while also allowing fleets to be larger than the FRS condition.

The FRS buff could instead be changed so that it it only applied to the first X number of applicable shiplines in the fleet. For example, let's say your fleet has 10 shiplines and an FRS shipline which would normally only apply in a fleet of seven or fewer shiplines--in this case it would apply to the first seven shiplines but not the last three. Mousing over any shipline in the fleet could tell you whether it had the buff applied to it.

As a precondition, this feature would require being able to adjust the order of your shiplines in fleets.
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