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0025199AI War 2SuggestionJun 8, 2021 11:06 am
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Product Version3.101 Buffs, Fixes, And Quickstarts 
Summary0025199: Fixing not enough hotkeys for fleets
DescriptionThe issue of there not being enough hotkeys for fleets (currently the supported numbers are only 0-9) has been a longstanding one. It becomes more salient in Fallen Spire games, as each city has its own fleet, and players such as myself prefer to have a unique hotkey for each fleet.

I propose this remedy: Add a hotkey which declares 'I'm in fleet hotkey mode', so when you have that hotkey held down, then any further key press is only looking to select the fleet assigned to the following hotkey. In this way all or most of the characters which are used for other functions will not conflict and so become available. Even if only a-z were added for this purpose, fleet keybind options would no longer be scarce.

This modal hotkey would presumably be modifiable by the player, but the tricky part would be making sure it didn't conflict with any preexisting hotkeys. For example, you wouldn't want it to be shift or ctrl since those are already used for other things.

As an additional QoL feature, allowing us to set a fleet's keybind via hotkeys (perhaps by holding ctrl in addition to the fleet mode hotkey?) would be wonderful. The status quo (opening the fleet menu, clicking on the fleet, and then clicking on the fleet keybind dropdown to set it) is already mildly cumbersome, and with a system where so many more characters were available, the dropdown would need to be considerably larger and probably employ a graph. Being able to set it via hotkey is conventional and avoids having to modify the dropdown (although this could still be done if desired).

If this feature does not sound appealing to you or you simply have too much on your plate at the moment, I have Unity and C# experience and would be willing to attempt to implement it. That being said, I haven't done any mod work for AIW2 so I expect it would be slow going at the start.
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