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0025197AI War 2GUIJun 8, 2021 12:20 am
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Product Version3.101 Buffs, Fixes, And Quickstarts 
Summary0025197: Split damage ships (Such as Siege Frigate) have incorrectly stated tooltip DPS
DescriptionSiege frigate (and probably other ships/turrets that split their damage) incorrectly report their maximum DPS as if they repeated the same amount of damage they do among all ships hit. In the example screenshot, the Siege Frigate claims its maximum DPS is 64000, but its actual DPS is always 6400 as it will always do a total of 76800 damage every 12 seconds, whether it hits one ship (1x100% damage) or 10 ships (10x10% damage).
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Jun 8, 2021 12:20 am


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