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0024772AI War 2[All Projects] Bug - GameplayApr 30, 2021 5:20 am
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Product Version2.810 Hotfix for Death 
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Summary0024772: Relentless Wave Intelligence Increase made gate raiding pointless
DescriptionI give up.
as a relatively new player, the Relentless Wave Intelligence Increase added in 2.805 just breaks me no matter what I try (AI diff 7, various campaign setups).
I start a campaign and it goes very smoothly until I am forced to overexpand for more hacking points for more ships/turrets/literally anything I want to do.
massive Relentless Waves spawn on the only Warp Gate left bordering my systems, right next to where I put a chokepoint with a Military station, and given all the AIP I have to incurr, they can get MASSIVE after a while.
wouldn't be a problem for my chokepoint planet, tons of turrets from the Military station, 2 battle stations and 1 or 2 citadels.
but the waves just reroute and steamroll me through any of the other planets.
so I try spreading the defenses on more or ALL the border planets, nope, not enough to stop anything anywhere then.
if I can't pull my fleet back fast enough every single time a wave spawns, I die, which means I can't really do anything further out than a couple of hops from the warp gate planet.
trying to play with low AIP, nope, not enough Hacking or Science to do anything meaningful.
Relentless Waves now are the biggest (and only) thing I struggle with.
and wasn't the Hunter fleet supposed to be this looming doom?
the Hunter fleet just sits around waiting for a Relentless Wave to overwhelm me, it literally does nothing before that even though it sometimes balloons to respectable strength.
feels like the Relentless Waves are the new Hunter fleet now and the Hunter fleet is just the game ender fleet.
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Apr 30, 2021 12:48 am

manager   ~0061277

Well, I also lose to 7 difficulty AIs most of the time...

Strategic Sage

Apr 30, 2021 1:29 am

reporter   ~0061280

A few suggestions, if you're interested:

** Don't hit warp gates unless you have a good reason. In my opinion hitting a lot of them just makes the problem worse.

** You should be able to return a lot further out than a couple of hops with your fleet to defend against waves.

** Reconsider some of your hacking choices. If you have a save you want to upload I'd be happy to look at it specifically, but there are a *lot* of hacking points in the game so if you are running out of them earlier there are probably areas to enhance there, and possibly in tech investment as well. There's plenty of both to do meaningful things at low AIP, but it's hard to give more helpful advice without knowing what you are actually using it on.

** In general my impression is that by investing your resources differently you are likely to get dramatically better results.


Apr 30, 2021 5:20 am

reporter   ~0061283

If you gate raided literally all gates except for one, that is a HORRIBLE waste of AIP or hack points. You should only really destroy warp gates if they send a troublesome wave type (such as mass carrier or infinite range units).

You don't need to use military for chokes all the time. A logistics station is the best at stopping AI untis from escaping to other wormholes. In addition to tractor beams, they come equiped with gravity generators to slow down more ships, and paralysis mines to trip anyone trying to leave.

If you are using your battlestations, consider swapping one into a gravatic battlestation type for even more slowdown, or an ensnarer battlestation to prevent units from leaving altogether.

Although given you haven't posted a save, i can only give generalist advise.

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