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0024766AI War 2[All Projects] Bug - GameplayApr 30, 2021 12:59 am
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionBeta 2.811 Brief Beta For Balance 
Fixed in VersionBeta 2.813 Golem Relations 
Summary0024766: Select turrets lines easily
DescriptionAs Donblas asked I post this here:

I wanted to know if it was easy to implement a "Select only turrets" drag option, like how when you make a selection box with the mouse to select units it doesn't select civilian units?

A more advanced option would be being able to selectively scrap lines in the selection tab. Currently you have to do a trick but since you cannot select or remove multiple shipslines in the selection tab, you need to do them one by one.
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Apr 29, 2021 10:12 am

administrator   ~0061264

This would mostly boil down to adding a new keybind and then some filter bits in the bandbox selection mode on the planet view input controller. So not too hard, yeah. Not sure if that's something he's planning on tackling, or asking me to do.


Apr 29, 2021 7:33 pm

administrator   ~0061270

donblas got it!


Apr 30, 2021 12:59 am

developer   ~0061278

Thank you!

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