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0024725AI War 2Gameplay IssueMay 2, 2021 1:07 am
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Product Version2.806 Correctness By Attrition 
Summary0024725: Shield Catapult - Opposing Bubble Forcefields at the exact same location
I just had a laugh from witnessing an enemy Forcefield Guardian getting flicked out of combat, reaching the asteroid belt at the edge of the system in a split second and now being stuck there.
A short examination during Pause revealed the apparent reason for this: The Forcefield Guardian was part of a stack (I believe) and zombification kicked in for one of the Forcefield Guardians, turning it to my side. It seems the Zombie appeared at the exact location where the remaining enemy Guardian was located. Since both have a bubble Forcefield they freaked out about it. The got propelled to the same direction, continually being stuck in the exact same spot during the lightning fast journey to the asteroid belt and they are still stuck on one another there.
Has anybody seen this before? Is this just very very unlikely to happen or can zombification lead to this regularly?
I don't even mind if this stays in the game xD
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May 2, 2021 1:07 am

reporter   ~0061303

This... has happened when there were many forcefield guardians. I haven't seen this often now; forcefield guardians are fairly rare, and by default dire forcefield guardians can't be zombified.

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