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0024415AI War 2SuggestionFeb 12, 2021 10:01 pm
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Summary0024415: Hackable Modular Additions to Transports
DescriptionTransports are rather boring, and are mostly a container for fleets until you get something better. There are a few transport that are different, the agile one, and the cloaking, that have some utility, but otherwise, that's all they are.

What if instead of different transports, every ARS in addition to the ship line choices also offered the option to upgrade a transport instead. Every transport could be upgraded at most once at mark II or III, at mark IV or V it can be upgraded twice. At mark VI it can be upgraded three times. Finally at mark VII it can be upgraded four times.

Each upgrade is stackable. E.g. if you upgrade the speed twice it increases it two categories instead of just one. If you upgrade the cloaking twice, the cloaking points increase.

There are hackable weapons for transports as well, as well as utility upgrades.

Here's a proposed list of possible upgrades for transports that you could find and add:

Utility upgrades:
Speed upgrade (+1 speed category)
Cloaking upgrade (+2500 cloaking points)
Repair beams (5000 range 1 beam per upgrade)
Gravity generator (0.6/0.5/0.4/0.3 slowdown to enemies with engines <= 20 within 8000)
Tractor Beams (25xMkxUpgrade 5000 range)
Forcefield (Ship shields doubled and become bubble forcefield with base range of 5000)
Target Scrambling (Ship receives defensive bonus of 0.25x for all enemies firing on it outside of 3000 range)

Point Defense Laser cannons (20x short 3000 range lasers)
Sniper Cannon (1x infinite range weapon)
Beam Cannon (1x 10,000 range beam lance weapon)

I'm sure we can add more ideas for weapons, but I'm leaving out a lot of stats for balancing here because the idea is that with some heavy investment, it could become a customizable mini ark, but it won't ever be a true replacement to an ark. You're basically slapping together some different pieces of technology onto it's hull for the cost of science and hacking points.
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