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0024318AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionJan 11, 2021 4:41 pm
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Product Version2.714 Frigate Surge And CSGs 
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Summary0024318: Fallen Spire Plot doesn't work well with Multiplayer
DescriptionFallen Spire minor faction could use some tweaks with multiplayer. Currently it suffers from the following problems:

1) Player's engineers will assist with construction of ships at allied normal shipyards, but not allied spire shipyards. This means that if you have Player 1 build a city in Player 2's system, Player 2's engineers will refuse to assist with spire ship construction, while if there was a mobile combat factory present they would assist with normal ship construction.

2) Spire shipyards will not build allied spire ships. This means that unless one player has all of the spire cities, each player must have shipyards in convenient places, or we are all running around everywhere rebuilding ships since our own personal shipyards are only in specific locations. It gets worse the more players you have, and trust me, everyone wants to have their own spire fleet.

Some potential solutions to the above problem could include:

Allow player's engineers to assist with allied Spire shipyards like normal shipyards to make it consistent. **This would be preferred if possible**

Have a foldout for each Spire shipyard for each player, that acts like a shipyard when it's constructed but is linked to the shipyard's health, and will be destroyed if the shipyard is incapacitated or destroyed. This is similar to AI War Classic.

Have all shipyards in general able to build both personal and allied ships as needed with a toggle, so the owning player can turn it off if they need their metal for personal use.

Have all shipyards in general able to build all player's ships as needed, but always use the ship's owning players metal to build unless an ally's engineer is assisting in construction. E.g. if Player 1's fleet is near Player 2's shipyard, Player 2's shipyard would build ships for Player 1 using Player 1's metal. If Player 2's engineer were to assist with construction, it would add to production speed using Player 2's metal as well. **I would prefer this method if possible.**
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Jan 11, 2021 4:00 pm

administrator   ~0060273

Thanks for the report! Do you happen to have a save available for easy repro? This is a great example of a gameplay system that should be pretty easy to fix in the end, but it's just a thing that has to be chased down. The things you mention are all annoying for sure, but mostly fall into the category of "nobody had tested that in MP until you, or those that did didn't report it." So I'm grateful for the report!


Jan 11, 2021 4:41 pm

reporter   ~0060275

Here you go. Just captured a 5th city system. AI's been spicy. It's a 3 player game.

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