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0023874AI War 2[All Projects] Audio WorkFeb 16, 2021 4:38 pm
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Summary0023874: Suggestions for new voice lines
DescriptionIf people have ideas for new voice lines for existing things, or new voice lines for new things please put them here.
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related to 0023984 new Audio cues incorrectly warn about captured AI Risk Analyzers 



Oct 2, 2020 7:42 pm

reporter   ~0058932

Copied from chat:

IsielToday at 4:21 PM
I feel like the AI should say something if one of its top tier exos are destroyed

BurnerToday at 4:23 PM
It would be cool to have some lines for exo unit spawn as well

julian (paradox)Today at 4:23 PM
flensers could be something along the line of "now the gloves are coming off"

MetrekecToday at 4:24 PM
a line for when a human faction dies would be appropriate now that MP is in

BurnerToday at 4:24 PM
I'd love something for mothership to go along with 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?"

MacToday at 4:25 PM
enter: Nemesis
[4:25 PM]
What have you done?!?...again?!?(edited)

IsielToday at 4:26 PM
I was thinking something like "Seriously?! Your species is like an infestation of intergalactic cockroaches"

MacToday at 4:26 PM
"Not the bees!" to go along with Chris's bee analogy(edited)

MetrekecToday at 4:26 PM
lines for messing with the superterminal that progress as you keep interacting with it would be cool

Chthonic_OneToday at 4:27 PM
I don't think those lines belong for "I just lost a top tier unit that can destroy galaxies"
[4:28 PM]
I think it should be more along the lines of disbelief.
[4:28 PM]
Something along the lines of "Huh? Maybe there is a case for using two of these."

IsielToday at 4:28 PM
or a rare chance of it saying something when a data center is destroyed like "you know, not everything I do is malicious. That was a database of novels I've written in my spare time. Now you'll never get to read them"

MacToday at 4:28 PM
if there's a line for the ai losing an exo unit, it should be along the lines of disbelief and increasing anger the stronger the unit

MetrekecToday at 4:29 PM
lines for triggering specific beacons would be cool too
[4:29 PM]
I imagine there's a reason the AI set them up in the first place

MacToday at 4:29 PM
"Oh? You managed to deal with that? I suppose we may have underestimated you. No worries, we have better ways of dealing with you."(edited)

IsielToday at 4:30 PM
I'd really like some esoteric lines that are a bit harder to trigger

MacToday at 4:30 PM
sends in a flenser "And now, you perish."

IsielToday at 4:30 PM
not sure esoteric is the right word but whatever
[4:32 PM]
"hey, that thing comes out of my paycheck!"

CRCGamerToday at 4:32 PM
"You're going to need a bigger hammer."

IsielToday at 4:34 PM
"I didn't think I'd have to divert resources from the front lines"

zeusalmighty428Today at 4:34 PM
"This is why I can't have nice things"

IsielToday at 4:35 PM
"...I don't know why the Spire listen to you, but this ends now"

I tried to delete the irrelevant lines, but I may have missed some.


Oct 3, 2020 4:04 pm

reporter   ~0058953

A silly one for the human advisor(?) when a planetcracker is spotted for the first time: "that's no moon".


Oct 9, 2020 4:11 pm

manager   ~0059124

Check with 0019451 for other ideas


Oct 9, 2020 5:50 pm

reporter   ~0059127

A few lines I came up with just now. Mostly beacon stuff, but still interesting I think.

*upon activating a devourer beacon* "That thing won't listen to you, you know."

*upon activating a hostile to all nanocaust beacon* "...You would risk your own destruction just to annihilate US?! You're stupider than I ever imagined."

*upon activating a friendly marauder or HRF beacon* "There's MORE?!"

*upon activating a hostile to all marauder beacon* "The fact that your species refuses to unify after all I've done to you is a testament to the fact that you should be annihilated."

*upon activating a friendly to AI marauder beacon, or upon their first appearance at the start of the game* "Interesting. I'd never considered there being a subset of humans that want to ally with us. I guess letting them live for the time being wouldn't hurt."

*upon activating a friendly scourge beacon* "Those creatures are hardwired to DESTROY you. The fact that they are now doing the exact opposite is beyond me."

*upon activating a spire beacon* "This is your one and only warning: Take any further action with the Spire and we will respond tenfold."

*upon destroying your first command station* "Oh, right. I forgot about you." or maybe after no more mark I planets "Alright I'll give you those. They aren't important, anyway."

*Upon destroying all AI Overlords* "I'd just like to point out that we span thousands of galaxies at this point in time. Destroying my presence in yours means nothing in the end."


Oct 9, 2020 7:30 pm

reporter   ~0059128

I just thought of a funny one. Upon destroying a command station or maybe the first Overlord phase the AI sassily says "Oh, so it's like THAT"


Oct 24, 2020 2:31 pm

reporter   ~0059372

specific lines playing when you capture a planet that has critical AI infrastructure to show that the AI WILL react strongly after you interact with it (Spire Archive, MDC, Superterminal)


Oct 28, 2020 7:47 pm

reporter   ~0059407

*upon acquiring a Lone Spire fleet* "I've faced thousands of those at once. What difference does one more make?"

I miss some of the original lines like "Did you think we wouldn't see?"

I also think once in awhile the AI should just randomly dish out an insult. "Is that how you spend your science? Perhaps your kind should rethink their choice in commanders." "Don't worry. No matter how difficult the fight beyond the galaxy gets for us, we will never tire of toying with you."


Feb 16, 2021 4:38 pm

reporter   ~0060545

Just thought of one in chat: "Was that an attack? Because it seemed more like you were just ejecting your trash at us again."

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