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0023548AI War 2GUIJul 19, 2021 3:42 pm
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Product Version2.120 Improved Lobby Map Experience 
Summary0023548: Status Icon for ongoing player battles in foreign territory
DescriptionCurrently, ongoing battles on player planets are displayed in an icon format in the top left corner. This overview is really useful when multiple battles are ongoing simultaneously. By extension, it would be even more useful to display the status of all battles the player is actively involved in, not just those on player planets.

An example: one of your planets gets attacked while you are striking an AI base. If you keep the main camera on the battle on the AI planet, you can keep track of the strength difference of the ongoing battle on your own planet by checking the status icon. But if you switch the main camera to your own planet, currently you get no indication about the strength difference in the battle on the AI planet (which can easily change, e.g.: the Warden Fleet arrives). To check then requires frequent inconvenient camera switches, or forces one to stare at the Galaxy View map while several battles are raging, which sounds like the opposite of fun.
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Jul 19, 2021 3:42 pm

developer   ~0062508

This was added in the past, thank you!

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