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0023167AI War 2[All Projects] Bug - GameplayMay 22, 2020 9:34 pm
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Product Version2.026 The Faction Duality Problem 
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Summary0023167: Infinite reinforcing on a single planet
DescriptionI was doing some investigating on reinforcement in vanilla to look for some fix for Galatic War issues with exponential strength on some planet.

In the course of this, I made a game with a diff 7 ensemble, a 9 ensemble and a 0 Turtle. A watch all that lasted over an hour showed me that the AIs don't spread its reinforcement points over the galaxy, but rather focus it on a single planet it picks and keeps reinforcing. There doesn't seems to be a cap to how much planets guard posts can accumulate, so this can snowball into death-trap planets very fast (3h+ games).

In the Benchmark game there were two notable instances. The turtle planet below my Homeworld kept getting renforced for the entire hour, climbing to 450-550 strength by an hour and a half, for a Mark [I] planet with general Mark at [II] since one minute into the game. In most others planets of the turtle AIs, I haven't noticed a climb in the number of units. So it seems to be throwing its 30k+ budget point of reinforcement every 69-72 timeunit essentially on the same planet.

Interesting, the Blue diff9 Ensemble AI chose its AI Homeworld due to having no planet by an human planet. In one hour it has climbed up to 1,1 strength from 400-600 strength at the start of the game. It has completely outstripped the strength of the diff9 AI on its homeworld.

With all that said, are those intended or bugs? Shouldn't the AIs spread its reinforcement over the galaxy rather than only a single planet and alerted ones? Is it normal (maybe?) that it has no cap in how many units in can stack in a guard post, in a single planet?

I think I reported before the numbers (x units-number) on how many units a guard post has bug out in such cases, but it shows up in the screenshot so I'll mention it again.

So is that all normal or not?
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Apr 24, 2020 4:34 am


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May 22, 2020 9:34 pm

reporter   ~0057118

this seems normal after loading your game. took a look at the debug, and while the AI was spending some budget over its cap on certain categories, there was still some unfilled budget. Keep in mind, i'm assuming you didn't bother to reach out to other planets, and the ai is Turtle, who's whole schtick IS to reinforce like crazy, combined with the fact that the planet is on alert, this seems quite normal. If you aren't aware, if you or a hostile to AI force is next to an AI planet, that planet goes on alert, drawing reinforcement budget to that planet. this is easily noticble early game, but as you get later and later into the game with more territory, the AI's reinforce budget gets split, thus reducing the amount of reinforcement per alerted planet.

TL:DR seems to be working as intended.

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