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0022291AI War 2[All Projects] Graphical BugNov 29, 2019 5:14 pm
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Product Version1.010 Extracting Those Archives 
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Summary0022291: [AI War 2] Dyson sphere ships look untextured
DescriptionI think they look untextured because they seem to have more in common with Spire ships than Dyson ships.
I remember from AI War 1 that golems are only reanimated husks so living ships may look different, but the Dyson sphere ships don't even seem related the way they look at the moment. The model seems finished and a zoomed-in shot even shows hexagons on the ships surface.

On a similar vein I would say the same of the Spire Archive and Spire Frigate, but they were almost completely white in AI War 1, so maybe that is how they're supposed to look.
Having said that, the Chained Dark Spire Eidolon (the only Dark Spire ship I have seen so far) has different coloured highlights, so maybe the regular Spire ships could use some of those as well?

I apologize if this still on the to-do list, or if I'm just flat out wrong. I just figured I bring this up because the visuals seem out of place and I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere.
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Nov 29, 2019 5:14 pm


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