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0021751AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionOct 6, 2019 11:53 am
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Summary0021751: Defense Garrisons
DescriptionI've been starting to play the game like normal people do (without conquering all the planets) and I think I've had a good idea: Have Military command stations project a kind of "protection" for other stations around, so the player can create "islands" in the AI territory without having to micro-manage a fleet for that area:

New Capturable: Defense Garrison

Must be captured from planets, but is destroyed (like ARS, IGC, GCA when hacked) upon capture and instead grants that type of Defense Garrison +1 galaxy cap.
Can then be constructed ONLY on planets with a Military Command Stations.

When built produces a number of drones which in FRD mode (default: on) will automatically seek out any allied planet under attack in range, based on hops from the main Garrison building. Most should have 1 hop maximum range. If no target planet is in range they return to the Defense Garrison (which I think should also be the default with normal Drones of any type).
The Defense Garrison building itself should be similar to a Battlestation on health and shields, but with weaker weapons than a Citadel and no turrets so it doesn't replace them.
It should feel from the type of building more like an actual building, but gets "mobility" out of it by protecting nearby systems whereas Battlestations and Citadels are somewhat mobile on their own.
It should be possible to set them to group-move too, so they don't separate and attack all at the same time.

Example Types:
Universal Defense Garrison: 30 V-Wings, 30 Fusion Bombers, 30 Concussion Frigates. Range of 1 hop. Garrison has Pike weapons.
Swift Response Defense Garrison: 20 Raptors, 35 Stingrays, 20 Harassers. Range of 2 hops. Garrison has Ambush weapons.
Stealth Defense Garrison: 60 Autocannon Minipod, 40 Space Planes, 15 Ghost Grenade Launcher Corvettes. Range of 1 hop. Garrison is cloaked and has a weak Laser Pulse weapon.
Sniper Defense Garrison: 30 Sentinel Gunboats, 3 Tritium Sniper Frigates, 60 Decoy Drones. Range of 2 hops. Garrison has global-range Spider weapons.
Heavy Defense Garrison: 3 Assault Frigates, 3 Siege Frigates, 3 Brawlers. Range of 0 hops (can only defend the planet it's on). Garrison has a single high-range Sabot weapon.
Tech Defense Garrison: 30 MLRS Corvettes, 25 Raiders, 2 Muggers. Range of 1 hop. Garrison has Nucleophilic weapons.

Every Defense Garrison could also come with something like 5-10 planetary Constructors to help out with reinforcing them.

Not sure if that's possible, but maybe these could even be randomly generated like Fleets?
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