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0021609AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionSep 11, 2019 12:28 am
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Summary0021609: Reintroducing a capturable as exciting as Fabricators
DescriptionIn AI War 1 you could find Fabricators as close as 3-4 hops from your homeworld, giving you access directly to level V units. Finding those while exploring was very exciting, and they had a major impact on your campaign, not to mention they drove you forward to augment your resource base to be able to build all these powerful ships.

I feel like AI War 2 doesn't quite have anything that exciting to find or that scary to lose, because every ship you find is level 1 and you have to invest in research or grind XP to upgrade it.

I think Fabricators could be brought in almost as-is to AI War 2:
- (Unchanged) Capture or Hack them, in both cases they have to survive for you to keep the benefit. If you hack them the AI command station must stay alive.
- They can grant you either a subfleet (fleet attachment) or a flagship
- The subfleet is already max-level (5, 6 or 7) and can't be upgraded further. You can swap it for another subfleet, but there is a maximum of one Fabricator-granted subfleet per fleet.
- The flagship is already max-level and can't be upgraded further. If it comes with subfleets, those can be lvl 1.

Turrets would also benefit from this approach, because GCAs while much-needed for defense are not that exciting - usually it's X more of those turret types I already had some of, plus something nicer. Not earth-shaking.

- A fabricator could grant 1-3 copies of a super powerful, unique turret model to a battlestation or citadel. It would be a cap just for that one fleet, not a global one.
- Since placing turrets from a mobile unit and then having to track and destroy it to place it elsewhere is annoying, the gun could actually be an attachment to a Citadel or Officer Flagship.

There are balance considerations around this - I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.
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