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0021400AI War 2SuggestionSep 11, 2019 9:39 pm
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Product Version0.875 Counterattacks You Can Taste 
Fixed in Version0.888 Astro Examination 
Summary0021400: Tech menu showing how much things are upgraded
DescriptionI really miss the old hovertext in the tech menu where it would show you the exact strength increase for the ships you were upgrading. Just being told "This will. upgrade your V-Wings" isn't really enough information to let me make a good choice. How much of a stat increase is the V-Wing upgrade? How does that compare to the stat increases for upgrading one of my Frigate lines?

It would be nice to have more details.
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Sep 11, 2019 9:39 pm

administrator   ~0053010


* When hovering over techs, it now notes that you can C-click those in order to get a list of all the ships that are upgraded with their details, and it shows both the old and new versions for each ship.
** Note that this is for the ships in GENERAL, assuming no fleet upgrades for the ships in question, and assuming that the ships are also not benefiting from some other tech. So some ships will be moving up higher marks than shown here, which is ok!
** I'm sure we'll refine this in some various ways in the future, but for now this seems to handle most things well in terms of getting the idea across of what upgrades do in some sort of direct fashion at least.
** Actually, now this DOES include the global factors of ships upgraded by multiple ship lines. It just doens't factor in individual fleet upgrades.

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