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0021315AI War 2[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaSep 11, 2019 10:20 am
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Summary0021315: New Fleet Feature: Hyperspace Spawn Leader.
DescriptionRight now, ships in a fleet automatically spawn at their centerpiece. This can be useful, or can be a real pain. Maybe you don't want to bring the transport across to the location where you want to send a bunch of your ships. I'm imaginging here a case where you're sending tons of raiders across to another planet, and want to keep the pressure on constantly. But your factories are further back or who knows.

For maybe 250 science (PER FLEET), unlocking a new thing from the fleet management thing called a Hyperspace Spawn Leader could be a thing. It would be a perma-cloaked, super-fast ship that you can move around and it would never be bothered by the AI since it's completely invisible to them.

While it is deployed (you could retract it when it isn't needed, and bring it out again without paying science again), it would act as the point where all ships for that fleet spawn.

Basically if your fleet centerpiece is sitting next to a factory on planet A, and then four hops away you have some ships of yours that are deepstriking without their centerpiece, then the centerpiece could sit on planet A all safe while the Hyperspace Spawn Leader is on that four-hops-off-planet. While the factories on planet A (and adjacent planets) are building for that fleet, the new ships are popping out at the HSL four planets away rather than on the local planet.

This is kind of an example of a "candy tech" that is also the first thing that is a specific science cost for an individual fleet. It's a powerful ability, but you'd really only want to use it on your very offensive-oriented fleets. The goal of this is to solve the desire players inevitably have for "I want to spawn things here and have them rally over there," but without all the intractable issues that rallying through real space has. And with a science cost to help make this something you don't just do absolutely everywhere.

Thanks to RocketAssistedPuffin for inspiring this change.
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Aug 1, 2019 12:49 pm

administrator   ~0052378

I'm no longer really sure that this is needed. In fact it would probably just add complexity and bugs, in the short term. Fleets without supply seem to be great without this.

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