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0021009AI War 2[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaMar 16, 2019 9:23 pm
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Summary0021009: Idea for 'Sleeper' Minor Faction
DescriptionHi there! This idea was originally suggested on Discord by the user "Democracy? Democracy!" I'm not taking credit for this idea, I'm just posting it here to see if people like it.
Idea follows below:

("I did have a concept of what my own minor faction would be if I could put it in.
Sleeper faction: ancient structures called sleepers contain a more primitive AI from some other civilization. originally, sleepers were used for defence by the ancient civilization, but it appears that they have failed that objective. Now the AI is attempting to wake the sleepers up, and integrate the sleepers into it's defences.
Their whole schtik was to encourage a low AIP style. the AI will only attempt to wake them up if you have a certain AIP threshold. higher sleeper intensity decreases AIP threshold. (intensity 1 is about 450 AIP, 2 sleepers max intensity 10 is 100 AIP 8 sleepers max). if you do not provoke the AI into waking up sleepers, you have the option to kill the sleepers, or hack them to join your side. you only need to hack one sleeper to cause all of them to join your side, but the hack is equivalent to a spire archive hack. While the AI is waking it up, you have 2 timers, the 1st timer is how long you have where you can interrupt the wakening of sleepers without consequence. if 1st timer runs out, 2nd timer begins. if you interrupt during 2nd timer, the sleeper will be confused and declare both you and AI as well as minor factions hostile. if 2nd timer runs out, well, it joins and defends the AI.
Sleepers are primarily defensive like Dyson Sphere, but will attack adjacent planets.
Yeah, but inverted kind of. The Dyson gains more power at higher AIP (good for you). At higher AIP, Sleepers begin waking up (bad for you unless you subvert them to your side).
The AI would attempt to wake up one sleeper. if successful, that Sleeper will travel to other planets with Sleepers on them and try to wake them up in the same way. the newly awakened Sleeper will follow the original awakened Sleeper (Sleeper prime).
Same goes for if YOU hack them or if they're neutral.
If neutral, they behave like Marauders after waking up all available Sleepers. Sleeper prime (the first woken up Sleeper) will colonize a planet, then as long as they are adjacent to one another, other Sleepers will follow suit. they construct turrets and ships to defend their planets, as well as attack adjacent planets, but that's it, effectively creating a NO GO HERE zone.
Man I put way to much thought into this.")

Well, that might be a lot to read, but I just thought I should share this pretty awesome idea with the rest of you in the community, I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thanks to Avenger1649 for the writeup
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Mar 16, 2019 9:23 pm

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here's a pdf file explaining sleepers in depth

AIW.2 sleeper minor faction idea.rar (60,268 bytes)

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