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0018913AI WarCrash/ExceptionMar 10, 2017 1:35 am
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Product Version8.023 
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Summary0018913: Loss of focus makes game unresponsive
DescriptionI play in fullscreen and when I Alt-Tab, or accidentally hit the Windows key or something else happens that makes AI War lose focus, it freezes, making me unable to click anything or save the game. Unchecking the fullscreen toggle in the main menu produces an error window that I cannot directly see, because the frozen game blocks the view.

ErrorsReportedByEngine.txt contains the following:

10/21/2016 1:19:27 PM (8.024) Mem: 214,978,560 Plat:WindowsPlayer
10/21/2016 1:19:27 PM (8.024)
-----------------------------------Error-----------------------------------Log String: D3D device reset failed [invalid call]
Stack Trace:

That repeats for every crash, those after switching settings as well as those by loss-of-focus.

Looking at the error window through the preview (Alt-Tab), I think I could decipher something like "Couldn't switch to desired resolution", "All resolutions switches have failed" or something, then: (1920x1080, fs=0, hz=0).

That 0 hz refresh rate might be the culprit. Fullscreen preferred refresh rate unsurprisingly doesn't change that behaviour.
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Jan 15, 2017 5:28 am

reporter   ~0045738

Okay, I managed to get the game running in windowed mode with a workaround. As said in the following link:
starting the game with pararmeter "-force-opengl" solves the issue.

There are still problems with this, like the fact that the game seems to be tilted a bit to the right and down compared to where by mouse cursor highlights things (to highlight something, I would have to click to the right and under the button, or I click something else). That is easily resolved, though.


Jan 29, 2017 4:30 am

reporter   ~0045746

Another solution is the start parameter -force-d3d9. Seems DirectX11 causes this?


Mar 10, 2017 1:35 am

reporter   ~0045950

I've noticed similar issues when minimizing or navigating away from the window too long, even using OpenGl.

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